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David Pearl: Cash Flows Rising, Trade Could Derail It All

Epoch’s Co-CIO and portfolio manager, David Pearl, talks about a capital-light world where free cash flow creates value.
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David speaks with Tom Keene on “Bloomberg Surveillance” podcast. They discuss the difference between earnings and cash flow when evaluating companies and free cash flow opportunities in the market. He also provides his market outlook on the impacts of tax reform, repatriation of cash, and trade uncertainty.
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Steve Bleiberg discusses Modern Portfolio Theory in Barron’s

Steve Bleiberg’s paper “The Limits of Modern Portfolio Theory” is featured in Barron’s “Other Voices” section. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) dominates investment thinking today, but the pre-MPT view of the world still holds valuable insights. Our new white paper explores the limits of MPT in aiding successful investing.

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Kera Van Valen and John Tobin on Asset TV

Kera Van Valen and John Tobin, Portfolio Managers on Epoch’s Shareholder Yield strategies discuss how current macro factors will impact companies’ ability to grow their cash flows and return cash to shareholders through dividends, share buybacks and debt reduction.
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Bill Priest on Asset TV

CEO and Co-CIO Bill Priest appeared on AssetTV where he discussed why Shareholder Yield is relevant in today’s environment. He also touched on inflation and interest rates, and the influence of fiscal policy and technology on shareholder yield in 2018.
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Financial Times: Epoch Founder Predicts a Technology Dividend Age

Bill Priest was recently interviewed for FTfm, where he discussed the importance of being aligned with the interests of clients, the opportunities for active equity management and the benefits and dangers of disruptive technology.

Bill Priest in FTSE Global Markets

CEO and Co-CIO Bill Priest was featured in FTSE Global Markets. He discussed the impact of Quantitative Tightening and why higher interest rates and waning liquidity are the most significant macro risks.
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Barron’s Round table 2018

For the third straight year, CEO and Co-CIO Bill Priest joined eight other investment industry experts for the Barron’s 2018 Roundtable. He spoke about the impact of market volatility, global growth, the impact of quantitative tightening and technology on capital markets, tax reform and even cryptocurrencies.

Steven Bleiberg in Investment Europe

Portfolio Manager Steven Bleiberg was featured in Investment Europe in which he discussed why Growth and Value indexes don’t necessarily measure growth or value.
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