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Bill Priest featured in Barron’s

Bill Priest joined nine other investment industry experts for the Barron’s 2019 Roundtable. He spoke about what Epoch expects to shape markets in the coming year, including quantitative tightening, trade wars, excessive debt and challenges for liberal democracies.

Bill Priest on Bloomberg Surveillance

David Pearl featured in Barron’s

Co-Chief Investment Officer David Pearl was recently interviewed for Barron’s in which he discusses the impact of the U.S. midterm elections, sectors and stocks he’s investing in and watching closely, and why Epoch emphasizes a free cash flow investing philosophy.

Kera Van Valen at the Reuters Global Investment Summit

Boring is Amazing for Steady Returns
Shareholder Yield Portfolio Manager Kera Van Valen participated in the Reuters Global Investment 2019 Outlook Summit. She discusses the strategies’ focus on companies that consistently generate free cash flow and return that cash to shareholders and why we take “boring” as a compliment when it comes to Shareholder Yield.
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David Pearl: Discusses the Return of Price Discovery on Bloomberg Surveillance

David Pearl describes how the market has favored companies with growth over profitability, how index funds have abetted their rise, and where he sees value in the market today. The momentum of these stocks will eventually subside. With continued transition from QE to QT, he describes an environment that Epoch characterizes as “the return of price discovery.” Listen in, as David argues that banks have not been getting the credit they deserve for their continued profitability and returning capital to shareholders.
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