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In the News

Yahoo! Finance Interview with John Tobin

Epoch Portfolio Manager John Tobin, PhD, CFA, joined @Yahoo Finance to discuss the three prerequisites for markets to stabilize.Further, he comments on what to look for in a potential oil demand rebound when economies begin to recover.
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Epoch ESG Analyst featured in PRI Blog

Financial markets have been roiled lately by fears about the economic impact of the coronavirus. The aviation sector has not been spared as consumers and businesses defer non-essential travel. While aviation executives and investors are focused on the immediate impact of the pandemic, this threat should not derail a long-term strategy for climate change. Read more from Epoch ESG Analyst Ravi Varghese in PRI’s recent blog. Read More

Philipp Hensler appointed CEO of Epoch

As previously announced, William Priest has transitioned from his role as Epoch’s Chief Executive Officer. He has become Epoch’s Executive Chairman and will continue to lead the investment team and serve as co-CIO. Philipp Hensler, Epoch’s President and COO, has become the firm’s CEO. Please click below to read last year’s announcement.
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Bill Priest in Barron’s Roundtable

Each year, Barron’s Roundtable invites expert investors and economists to talk about the direction in which they see financial markets headed. Bill Priest discusses the problem with P/E, his thoughts on inflation and the improbability of a recession in 2020.
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Bill Priest in Barron’s: Cold War 2.0

The trade truce between the U.S. and China has been well received by markets. But the conflict is bigger than trade or even tech. At stake are the values that will determine the architecture and governance of the global world order.
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