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David Pearl on Bloomberg Surveillance

David Pearl answers questions posed by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene about his perception of growth in the current COVID-induced bubble. He also talks about how the market has been broadening out over the last month and a half and is getting back to fundamentals.
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Bill Priest on MoneyTalk

Bill Priest appeared on MoneyTalk yesterday where he discussed potential election outcome scenarios, the impact of a divided government on a potential stimulus plan, and the importance of having a business strategy for the digital age.
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David Pearl joins Tom Keene on Bloomberg Surveillance

Despite a dark market environment and a flattening of the yield curve which has led shrinking net interest margin, major banks have performed well with credit quality holding up. Listen in as Co-CIO and Portfolio Manager David Pearl joins Bloomberg Surveillance to discuss this and how a recovery, with a subsequent steeping of the yield curve, could negatively impact to growth stocks.
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Ravi Varghese featured in GreenBiz article

Epoch ESG Analyst Ravi Varghese discusses the risks of climate change over the long term and the responsibility of the U.S. government to begin to work now in order to avoid catastrophic financial fallout, as has been seen with the current pandemic. Ceres, a Boston-based sustainability organization recently published a report urging  financial regulators to take a proactive stance on climate change.
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Bill Priest on Money Talk

Despite uncertainty after the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, stock markets seem to be on the rebound. Bill Priest identifies where the optimism is coming from and looks at the shape of the global recovery.
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John Tobin on Bloomberg Radio

Epoch Portfolio Manager John Tobin, PhD, CFA joined Bloomberg Radio to weigh in on capital allocation policies of companies during the COVID-19 crisis, especially as they relate to dividends. Listen in as he argues for a more nuanced approach to evaluating whether companies should cut their dividends and what impact that could have.
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Yahoo! Finance Interview with John Tobin

Epoch Portfolio Manager John Tobin, PhD, CFA, joined @Yahoo Finance to discuss the three prerequisites for markets to stabilize.Further, he comments on what to look for in a potential oil demand rebound when economies begin to recover.
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Epoch ESG Analyst featured in PRI Blog

Financial markets have been roiled lately by fears about the economic impact of the coronavirus. The aviation sector has not been spared as consumers and businesses defer non-essential travel. While aviation executives and investors are focused on the immediate impact of the pandemic, this threat should not derail a long-term strategy for climate change. Read more from Epoch ESG Analyst Ravi Varghese in PRI’s recent blog. Read More