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In the News

John Tobin on CFA Institute Guiding Asset Podcast

Shareholder Yield Portfolio Manager John Tobin spoke with Mike Walberg, the host of CFA Institute’s “Guiding Assets” podcast, to discuss the state of dividends and “equity duration,” and what that means for dividend payers versus non-dividend payers in a rising rate environment.

John Tobin in Livewire Q&A

In this Q&A, Tobin shares his thoughts on the sell-off in tech, as well as why he is investing in semiconductor stocks as his preferred play. He also outlines the outlook for dividends through to 2023, and explains why he believes it is unlikely that China will invade Taiwan.

John Tobin in Barron’s

Comments made by Shareholder Yield Portfolio Manager John Tobin were included in a Barron’s article. In the article, John shares his thoughts on one overlooked investment metric — shareholder yield — which comprises of cash dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction.
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Bill Priest on Barron’s Roundtable

Every January, Barron’s gathers the members of its Investment Roundtable to discuss their market outlooks and investment ideas. This year, the members of the Roundtable, including Epoch, Executive Chairman and Co-CIO explored inflation and interest rates as well as pinpointing sectors they believe will be investment champions this year.
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John Tobin on BNN Money Talk

Shareholder Yield Portfolio Manager John Tobin was recently interviewed on BNN Money Talk about “equity duration” and what that means for dividend payers versus non-dividend payers in a rising rate environment.
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Bill Booth on Bloomberg Radio

Co-CIO and portfolio manager Bill Booth was recently interviewed by Paul Sweeney and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg Radio.  The conversation covered, among other things, inflation, the attractiveness of quality growth companies and the debate on stocks vs bonds.
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Bill Priest featured on MoneyTalk

Bill Priest speaks with MoneyTalk’s Kim Parlee about his outlook for 2021. They discuss the wealth inequality created by the virus and consumers’ longing to return to a “normal” lifestyle. Can fiscal policy help overcome the long term impact of the pandemic in order to get back to “the roaring 20s”?
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Bill Priest Joins Barron’s Roundtable to Discuss 2021 Prospects

Our Executive Chairman and Co-CIO Bill Priest was interviewed along with nine other investment professionals to compare their thoughts on the year ahead. Among the topics discussed were public health, political turmoil and how the pandemic might accelerate change in the areas of social justice, climate change, and innovation.
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David Pearl on Bloomberg Surveillance

David Pearl answers questions posed by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene about his perception of growth in the current COVID-induced bubble. He also talks about how the market has been broadening out over the last month and a half and is getting back to fundamentals.
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Bill Priest on MoneyTalk

Bill Priest appeared on MoneyTalk yesterday where he discussed potential election outcome scenarios, the impact of a divided government on a potential stimulus plan, and the importance of having a business strategy for the digital age.
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