About Us

Our Firm

We are a firm of experienced investors with a collaborative and client-focused culture. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their investment objectives. If our clients win, we win. We are committed to transparency with respect to our business practices as well as our investment philosophy and methodology. Through our publications, speaking engagements and this website, we regularly share our perspectives with clients and others interested in emerging investment trends and issues.


  • Distinct investment philosophy based on free-cash-flow generation, its allocation, and an emphasis on portfolio risk management
  • Seasoned team of investment professionals averaging over 20 years of experience per person
  • Strong capital structure, robust infrastructure, and transparency of business practices
  • Record of superior relative and risk-adjusted returns
  • $37.8 billion assets under management for clients around the world (as of March 31, 2019)
  • Broad insights on macro and fundamental investment issues
  • Focus on helping our clients achieve their investment goals