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In the News

Bill Booth Appears on BNN’s Money Talk

Portfolio Manager Bill Booth was interviewed by Kim Parlee on BNN’s Money Talk. He discussed potential market reactions to the U.S. elections and the outlook for Europe following Brexit and with its own contentious elections coming up.
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Eric Sappenfield on Barron’s Income Roundtable

Portfolio Manager Eric Sappenfield participated in the Barron’s Income Roundtable, discussing the market backdrop for dividend paying stocks and highlighted some companies that the Shareholder Yield strategy favors.

Book Summary: Winning at Active Management

CEO and Co-CIO Bill Priest, along with Portfolio Managers Steve Bleiberg and Mike Welhoelter recently authored Winning at Active Management: The Essential Roles of Culture, Philosophy and Technology. The book, which was dubbed a “Manifesto for Stockpickers” by Barron’s explores the makings of a strong organizational culture and why that is crucial to success in active management. It also looks at the debate between proponents of passive management and those of active management. The authors discuss the importance of active managers having an investment philosophy that can drive the firm and highlights Epoch’s own investment philosophy. Finally, the book explores the disruptive impact of technology in asset management and how Epoch seeks to harness its power.
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Bill Priest on Barron’s 2016 Roundtable

CEO and Co-CIO Bill Priest joined eight other investment industry experts for the Barron’s 2016 Roundtable. He spoke about global growth expectations, the outlook for returns in equity markets and the threat of economic and political contagion.